About French Frills Fashion!

Welcome to French Frills Fashion where you can find the best boutique clothing and fashionista fun!

French Frills Fashion is more than just clothes, it is a community based on laughter, fun, excitement, family, and unity. A safe place to be yourself completely without the fear of cyberbullying or rejection! A place where if we aren’t laughing or smile then whats the point of being on this earth! A place where you as a customer come first way before the sale or dollar amount to be made, where we make sure each and every time you are taken care of the RIGHT way the first time! We love what we do day in and day out and it shows through our amazing flat lays, styling sessions, one on one conversations and appointments, as well as live shows! Come to join the fun that will put a smile on your face and the spring back into your step as we depart on a journey together towards self-love and confidence in our worth as women, moms, and wives!

About The Thornocks!

As a husband and wife tag team, Danielle started this business as a way to help others feel good in the skin they are in right this moment, not the skin they want to be in. It was a way for her to regain herself and love herself just the way she is, and it has turned into this amazing community of like-minded women and men who have become a second family for more than just her! Her husband, Joshua, was dragged into it kicking and screaming (ok not really but he never thought he would love selling women’s clothing so much). He is her right hand and together they are a fun-loving, ball of laughter and joy!

Together they have 3 kiddos who are a big part of the business! Jamison is the oldest and loves to tell jokes….. you LITERALLY might see him randomly pop up on a live show to tell a joke and giggle and then vanish, or he loves to do fundraising projects where he literally gets on a live show (with the help of mom) and sells items to raise money for different causes. Bauer is the second oldest and he is a fun guy! He will pop on the live shows to tell stories, share fun shark facts, and help hold items! Adalyn is the youngest and she will dance your heart out! She too loves to help show new items to everyone and will pop in and out on live shows! Overall, the Thornocks are a fun loving, energetic bunch who don’t take life too seriously!

We hope you enjoy our community we have built here and join us to laugh and have fun, because a day without laughter is a day wasted!

-xoxo the Thornocks

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